North East WIN

North East Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Awards - Shortlist Success for 12th Man's Lady!  

Usually when you're heading back to the airport after a week of sunshine, sea, sparkling wine and fine dining it is with a heavy heart and that slight sinking feeling!  

But not for 12th Man's Lady this time around as an email popped into our inbox informing me I'd been short-listed for the North East Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Awards - a prestigious local scheme to recogise, celebrate and promote excellence amongst the female business community in the North East. It was definitely with some reluctance that I decided to enter the awards having been persuaded by a few local contacts and colleagues who thought that after 3 years of hard work, now might be the time to shout about what we've achieved.  Like so many other small businesses we just get on with what we enjoy doing, meeting the needs of clients and working on new and interesting projects - we didn't necessarily think we were doing anything special or out of the ordinary. 

North East WIN

However, the judges must have seen something worthy of recognition in our entry form, short-listing ourselves in both the Best Home Based Business and Best Service categories. So now we've interviews with judges and camera crews to welcome to the office as the process moves through to its final conclusion on 11th November. Having looked at the other finalists there are some fantastic businesses around the region in a whole range of industries which are led and developed by strong, collaborative women and it's a real honour just to be recognised in the same light. However, thinking about our journey over the last 4 years I feel even more privileged to have worked with such brilliant clients, colleagues, associates and brands - it's hardly felt like work at all!   

So congrats to all the other finalists on the list (I've already started making mental links to who we might be able to forge commercial relationships with going forward) and good job I bought a fancy new frock on holiday now I've got an occasion to wear it! 

PLease click on link to read more about the awards